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Here you will find information, inspiration, online workshops and training courses about awareness and spiritual development. At YoRo we believe that everyone can be a Happy Yogi in their own unique way. With a few simple adjustments, you too can create a healthier and happier life! Everyone has their own lifestyle and we are all unique. You can also be very healthy with a chronic illness or disability. And feeling happy is independent of the circumstances around you.

“Change your life through awareness”

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The workshops and trainings are based on the principles of yoga, meditation, chakras, ayurveda, reiki, mindfulness and NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). By using different basic techniques you can make simple, small adjustments in your lifestyle. With which you will quickly achieve results.

“Everything you pay attention to grows”

Are the workshops intended for?

YoRo is happy to help you find your own Happy Yogi! You don’t have to stand on your head or become vegan for this. What matters is that you create a lifestyle in which you are happy. A life full of joy, abundance and happiness. In which your thoughts are positive and emotions in balance. A life in which you are in control of your body and mind. And circumstances no longer affect your inner happiness. We are happy to give you handles with which you can grow and flourish into the best version of yourself.

Clear workshops

“Accept what is there and watch it change”

All YoRo online training courses are set up in such a way that they can be followed by everyone. No complicated language, but clear, short information that is really useful. And that you can really do something with. You do not need any experience or prior knowledge. All you need is your willpower and a little time. You can download a free lesson from every training so that you get a good idea of what to expect. You can also follow a short workshop for each training.

“Circumstances are not the problem, but how you deal with them”

Are the workshops intended for?

For anyone who sometimes suffers from stress, tension, fear, negative thoughts, fatigue, lack of motivation, (physical) pain, etc. Do you also want to create a healthier and happier life? Do you want to be better grounded, more balanced in your emotions? Do you want control over your thoughts and more mental peace? Do you want to live more consciously and develop spiritually? Click on the relevant workshop or training for more information.

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