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About YoRo

How we got started!

My name is Rosa, born in October 1977. And raised in the north of the Netherlands. In the 90’s I became interested in spirituality, yoga and meditation. I soon noticed that this gave me more peace and balance. Everything related to spirituality became an important part of my daily life. And despite my physical limitations (or maybe I do!) I can’t and won’t go a day without yoga and meditation!


In addition to all life experiences, I have read many books on spirituality. Since 2008 I have followed several yoga and meditation classes. In 2003 I did the Reiki (working with universal healing energy) course in the first degree and a year later Reiki in the second degree. This gave me a lot of knowledge about energies.

In 2010 I followed the chair shiatsu therapist training, which introduced me to the meridian lines of the body. In 2014 I completed the 2-year training to become a chakra specialist. This gave me insight into the connection between body, mind and soul. Since 2012, I have given yoga classes, workshops and courses at various locations.

To trust

I believe that a person never stops learning and we are all here to learn. From each other and from life. To use and share our talents. To help ourselves and each other in personal and spiritual development. So that we can enjoy life without fear, pain and sadness. And create the joyful life we all long for.

The yogi lifestyle has taught me that there is a balance between positive and negative. Those problems are actually challenges. And that how you handle a situation is more important than the situation itself.

People have often asked me how I can always stay so positive. I think I owe this mainly to my spiritual lifestyle.

YoRo Lifestyle

Within the yogi lifestyle, everything is fine as it is and you enjoy the moment to the fullest. You accept what you cannot change and you change what you cannot accept. Everything changes and nothing stays the same. A yogi can observe anything, without condition or judgment. Without fear, anger and sadness, can enjoy the peace and relaxation. This is easier said than done. I am happy to provide you with tools for your personal and spiritual development. So that you, like me, can discover your own Happy Yogi.

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